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Evergreen Exhibitions is a leader in providing blockbuster educational and entertaining family traveling exhibits.
We are now pleased to announce that we are heading back to our roots as a privately held company dedicated to delivering an array of compelling, immersive exhibits that serve the museum community. (more)
War in America, 1776 to Today provides unprecedented perspective into terror on American soil.

Evergreen Exhibitions and the International Spy Museum™ in Washington, D.C. have announced a new blockbuster traveling museum exhibition providing unprecedented perspective into terror on American soil. Artifacts such as fragments of the planes that hit the World Trade Center, Ku Klux Klan robes, J. Edgar Hoover's personal telephone; historic photos and documents; films; recreated environments; and a range of other displays help visitors explore the history of those who have threatened America's security over the past 200 years. (Tell me more)

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was created to ignite the desire for discovery, sparking imaginations and inspiring new generations of explorers to dream of the possibilities that lie ahead. (Tell me more)
A once in a lifetime exhibition exploring the 2,000-year history, Saint Peter and the Vatican, The Legacy of the Popes.

A once-in-a-lifetime exhibition exploring the 2,000-year history of the papacy, with important historical objects, precious liturgical items, rare documents, and spectacular works of art, many of which have never left the Vatican or been on public view. (Tell me more)


Genome: The Secret of How Life Works

An interactive and accessible look at the human genome, answering common questions and correcting frequently-held misconceptions, and tackling topics such as genetic predetermination, the nature of mutations and the very slight differences in genetic material that separate one human being from another.
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Chicano exhibition celebrated in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Inspired and directed by Cheech Marin’s vision to highlight expressions of Chicano culture, “CHICANO” presents the many voices of today’s Chicanos via a traditional art exhibit “Chicano Visions: American Painters on the Verge” and a multi-media exhibit “Chicano Now: American Expressions.”
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