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SPACE: A Journey to our Future.

To ignite the desire for discovery, spark imaginations and inspire a new generation of explorers in space.
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SPACE: A Journey to Our Future

SPACE: A JOURNEY TO OUR FUTURE is created to ignite your desire for discovery, sparking your imaginations and inspiring new generations of explorers to dream of the possibilities that lie ahead. This extraordinary exhibit, which will tour major Science Centers around the country over four years, gives audiences an opportunity to experience our past explorations and future destiny in space.

Visitors to the exhibit are reminded that only through dreaming and exploration can we truly begin to live as inhabitants of this universe in which we find ourselves adrift. SPACE reintroduces audiences to generations of dreamers and thinkers who have at times risked their lives to give us all a better understanding of who we are and how we fit into the universe around us.

Most importantly, we will meet today's explorers who continue to understand more about our planet and how to protect it and are on the forefront of the search for answers to our questions about the beginning of our universe and what life exists out there.

The exhibit reminds each visitor that it is these unknown questions of our existence that make us all the same, inexorably tied together on this fragile, blue planet. And, through this exhibit, we realize once again that it is a moral imperative for us as the human race and as a planet to continue the search for the answers.

SPACE uses immersive scenic elements, the most advanced interactive exhibits and state-of-the-art projection and audio technology to bring this epic story to life. Along with many other exhibits, your will have the opportunity to experience SPACE firsthand:

Touch the Moon and Mars. - Visitors can touch actual rocks from the lunar surface and the red planet.

Mars Base Camp. - Would-be explorers can "walk through " a motion-simulated mission aboard a Mars Orbiting Space Station to a re-created base camp on the Martian surface.

Lunar Module Ride. - Exhibit-goers can "ride" a re-creation of the first manned spacecraft to land on the Moon, experiencing the final 30 seconds of its historic journey.

Saturn V Launch. - Reenactment of a Saturn V rocket launch re-creates some of the excitement surrounding countdown to one of the most remarkable engineering feats of all time-sending man to the moon.

The exhibit is be divided into four main areas:

Dare To Dream
Through the centuries countless dreamers who dared to find the answers to our very existence have shaped humankind's knowledge of our place in the universe. This exhibit pays tribute to those dreamers and their amazing achievements and will start us on our own journey of discovery.

A Dream Come True
To this day we are still awed by the image of the Earth as seen from the Moon during the Apollo program. For the first time we saw our fragile place in the universe and we could not help but be changed forever. This exhibit will remind us of that remarkable achievement and introduce us to people who made that dream come true.

Living the Dream
This series of exhibits will open our eyes to the wonders of discovery that are taking place right now, all around us. Today, all over the world, people and organizations are creating and envisioning new tools and ideas that are helping us unlock many secrets to the Universe and that will propel us into our future adventures in Space. These people, and we as a planet, are truly living the dream!

Dream Of Tomorrow
The final portion of the exhibit will open our eyes to the wonders that our future holds, and introduce us to today's dreamers who-like those before them-dare to imagine what secrets the Cosmos holds. Our journey into that future has many destinations and we will become true inhabitants of the universe if we continue to dream of tomorrow.

Evergreen Exhibitions events like "SPACE: A Journey To Our Future" are planned to create a special synergy in communities, connecting science and technology centers, museums, planetariums, schools, teacher organizations, professional engineering societies and others. Beyond the presentation of a spectacular, highly interactive show, goals include motivating students in their math and sciences studies and career aspirations.

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Now Showing :
Detroit, Michigan
The New Detroit Science Center
November 5, 2005 – May 14, 2006

Past Venues :
Pacific Science Center, Seattle, Washington
St. Louis Science Center, St. Louis, Missouri
MOSI, Tampa, Florida
Cincinnati Museum Center, Cincinnati, Ohio


Now Showing
Detroit, Michigan
The New Detroit Science Center
11.5.05 - 5.14.06

Opening event in Detroit.
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Visitors can touch actual rocks from the lunar surface and the red planet.


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Exhibit-goers can ride a re-creation of the first manned spacecraft to land on the Moon.


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